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Exploring options

Whether you

Exploring all your options is essential when you are student or recent Graduate. Without understanding all the opportunities which are available to you, it is difficult to make a good decision about your future. 

For individual careers guidance tailored towards your specific needs, request to book an appointment with your Careers Consultant.

Arts, Design and Media Faculty (ADM) Team - Ground Floor Atrium, Parkside Building | | 0121 331 7678

Business, Law and Social Sciences Faculty (BLSS) Team - Ground Floor Atrium, Curzon Building | 0121 331 5234

Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment Faculty (CEBE) Team - Level Three, Millennium Point  | | 0121 331 2600

Health, Education and Life Sciences Faculty (HELS) Team - Ground Floor Bevan House, City South Campus | | 0121 202 4265


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