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Useful resources for international students
10:45am 1 Nov 2022

Useful resources to support with whilst you study here in the UK

  • Student Circus LinkedIn page - Top 5 jobs for International Students each week
  • Target the right UK employereCareersGrad provides a searchable list by sector/company of the biggest International Student sponsoring employers and includes testimonials and interactive guides to strategies for sourcing UK jobs and work experience. Use your BCU email address to access this resource
  • Student Circus - graduate opportunities in the UK with sponsoring employers 
  • GoinGlobal - country career guides and worldwide jobs and internship information
  • Career planning guide - produced by the University of Warwick, aimed at Chinese students but useful for all international students studying in the UK
  • Guide to starting your own business - produced by the University of Warwick – aimed at Chinese students but useful to all international students
  • Website for the UK Council for International Student Affairs – provides practical information and advice for international students studying in the UK on a range of topics including seeking work and visas (as well as immigration issues, managing finances, studying and living in the UK etc.)
  • Prospects country pages – detailed country information including current labour market conditions, how to find work experience and permanent opportunities, visa information and how to explain your UK qualification to employers
  • Target Jobs pages for international students - advice on seeking work both inside and outside the UK, plus comprehensive information on visas
  • Information on recognition of qualifications globally
  • CareerJet website – access to jobs advertised around the world
  • Access to jobs advertised around the world
  • Gradlink UK – over 500 employers from 7 different regions around the world who recognise the benefits of UK educated international graduates
  • Graduate Land – jobs, placements and work experience for students and graduate worldwide
  • Recruitment agency with jobs in Oil & Gas, Power, Construction & Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Mining and IT sectors worldwide
  • Perfecting English language skills for job applications:
    • BCU Centre for Academic Success - Get dedicated support for international students from BCU’s Centre for Academic Success, including individual tutorials and workshops.
    • Grammarly – A grammar checker that you can download to integrate into your desktop applications.
    • Quillbot – This paraphrasing tool will rewrite your text to ensure your language is clear and sounds professional.
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