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Graduate Support and Grow Your Own

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2:13pm 13 Mar 2024

As a BCU Graduate, you can continue to access careers support for at least three years after you graduate and engage in a range of other graduate employment and training initiatives. 

First of all, please sign up for a graduate account using this video guide to be able to submit a query, book onto weekly graduate events or make an appointment with one of the Careers+ team. You can also follow instructions on how to create a graduate account in this written guide

We also recommend that you set up a professional LinkedIn profile to promote your skills and experience, increasing your graduate employer networks and industry knowledge as a BCU graduate.

BCU Grow Your Own Graduate Programme

Recognising the knowledge, skills and attributes of our graduates, the Grow Your Own Graduate Programme recruits the most recent BCU graduates into professional services roles across the university.

Grow Your Own roles are ring-fenced so that only recent BCU graduates can apply and support is provided to help ensure the success of our graduates both throughout the recruitment process and with the next steps in their careers.

The programme provides: 

  • Careers+ support to encourage graduates to apply for BCU roles
  • Opportunity for feedback at all stages of the recruitment process to increase chances of success 
  • Ongoing support for unsuccessful applicants until employment is secured. Either within a role at BCU or at another organisation

For those successful in securing a role at BCU, they will receive:

  • A 12 month professional graduate training package
  • A match to a professional mentor to develop skills, confidence and insight
  • Career next steps support

For all Grow Your Own vacancies, BCU graduates have access to support from Careers+ throughout the recruitment process. If you would like support with your Grow Your Own application, CV or interview prep, please contact

Who is eligible for the Grow Your Own Programme?

If you graduated from BCU with either an Undergraduate degree or a Postgraduate degree in the last academic year, you are eligible to apply for GYO roles. Further information as to eligibility can be found on individual job adverts.

Useful resources

How can BCU Careers+ support graduates? 

Tools to help you get on with your career plans 24/7

If you want to get immediate feedback on your CV and elevate it to a good professional standard, we recommend using CV360

If you want to practice a digital graduate interview in the comfort of your own home, we recommending using Interview 360

If you want to know where to search for graduate jobs, take a look at our Resource Hub  

If you would like to watch one of our recent employment videos, we recommend taking a look at our On demand video 

Just starting your final year at BCU, then take a look at our Employment brochure - this covers graduate schemes, graduate employment, self employment, post-graduate courses and much more...

Coming to the end of your final year, or just graduated, then take a look at our Leavers Pack - all the resources you need in one place!

Business Entrepreneur or Business Start up support?

If you have a business idea and would like to look at setting up your own company, check out our funding for budding entrepreneurs on our Enterprise & Entrepreneur pages and the e-learning pages. 

BSEEN is a 12 month start up programme for BCU students and graduates (UK and EEA only) based in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull area who are ready to turn their business idea into a reality. Recruitment runs 3 times a year with deadlines for applications on 1 Feb/1 May/1 Aug. 

Need more experience in the professional workplace?

If you would like to increase your graduate level experience or your professional networks, check out our Volunteering and Professional Mentoring options to increase your chances of getting to interview stage. 

Looking for free graduate training and professional development?

If you are interested in free training and course certification in a wide range of digital, technical, engineering and mathematical courses and live in the Greater Birmingham, Solihull or Wyre Forest areas, find out more about our STEM UP training courses and if you are interested in skilling up for work in the Early Years Sector we can offer you training through our Early Years Career Progression Pathways.

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