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Graduate Outcomes survey

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8:47am 26 May 2022

What is the Graduate Outcomes survey?

The Graduate Outcomes survey is the biggest annual social survey in the UK and captures the perspectives and current status of graduates. All graduates who completed a higher education course in the UK after August 2017 will be asked to take part in the survey after they finish their studies by HESA (The Higher Education Standards Agency) to find out your main employment or education activity at that time. The survey will be emailed to graduates 15 months after course completion. 

Why is it important to complete the survey?

Taking part in the Graduate Outcomes survey is an essential part of your higher education journey. As the biggest UK annual social survey, the collective graduate voice is powerful and will directly impact the future of education for prospective students. 

You’ll be contacted by either:

  • Email: The survey will be emailed to you from These emails will contain a link to the online survey.
  • Text messages: You will receive text reminders from ‘GradOutcomes’. These texts will contain a link to the online survey.
  • Phone: If you receive a phone call regarding the survey, it will be from IFF Research. It has been appointed to capture survey responses by phone. They will introduce themselves as calling on behalf of BCU

So let us know whether you went onto a graduate scheme, graduate employment, further study, a portolio career, set up your own business, became a entrepreneur and much proud of your achievements and let us know exactly what you do in your graduate job - this might be:

Art, Design & Media related jobs: 

Designing and creating (rather than mending and sewing); 

Directing, producing, supervising, acting, performing, writing, editing, proof-reading;

Preparing sketches, scale drawings, models, colour schemes and other mock-ups to show clients and discusses any required alterations;

Producing or overseeing creation of the final product;

Publishing, advertising, promoting, marketing, campaigning;

Building relationships with clients, negotiating new business contracts;

Writing, editing and arranging for the effective distribution of press releases, newsletters, social media and other public relations material;

Conceiving and creating advertising campaigns, reviewing and revising campaign in light of sales figures, surveys...

Preparing detailed design drawings to customer specifications;

Entrepreneur/Director/Owner/Executive (of their own business);

Development of a creative portfolio;

Business, Law & Social Science related jobs:

Managing others or managing a project or programme of delivery;

Reporting, achiving, strategising;

Undertaking research, writing and presenting articles;

Determining the appropriate method of data collection and research methodology, analysing and interpreting information;

Drafting and negotiating contracts on behalf of employers;

Providing legal or business advice to members of the public/other companies;

Preparing financial documents and reports for management, shareholders, statutory or other bodies;

Auditing accounts and book-keeping records;

Preparing tax returns, advises on tax problems and contests disputed claim before tax official;

Conducting financial investigations concerning insolvency, fraud, possible mergers, etc.

Evaluating financial information for management purposes;

Building relationships with clients, negotiating new business contracts.

Computing, Engineering & The Built Environment related jobs:

Developing, building, networking or programming software, designing and developing;

Writing code for specialist programming for computer gamesDeveloping the website and website interfaces and establishes methods to ensure appropriate website security and recovery;

Developing test plans for security systems and undertakes and documents the testing of security systems weaknesses and errors, identifies source of problems and proposes solutions;

Installing and upgrading hardware, cables, operating systems and/or appropriate softwareConfiguring and setting up new server systems;

Scheduling and performing system maintenance tasks, such as loading user applications, programs and data;

Analysing systems and making recommendations to improve performance;

Identifying problems, agreeing remedial action and undertaking emergency maintenance if required;

Developing quality standards and validation techniques;

Collating, analysing and interpreting data/statistics;

Supervising, controling, monitoring, examining, advising, devising and implementing;

Providing consultancy services, co-ordinating and overseeing implementation of the project;

Monitoring progress including project budget, time-scale and quality; Surveying, project-managing, budgeting, forecasting,

Health, Education and Life Sciences related jobs:

Training, teaching, advising, advocating, mentoring and recruiting others;

Planing and managing patient care, nursing;

Preparing, delivering and directing lessons, lectures, seminars and tutorials

Undertaking research, writing and presenting articles

The Graduate Outcomes survey is delivered by HESA on behalf BCU You can complete the survey on most devices and it only takes around 10 minutes.

Thank you for helping the next generation of BCU degree students! 

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