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3:00pm 22 Mar 2024

Every year our Graduate Employability Team provide 1-2-1 support to over 600 recent BCU graduates to secure highly skilled jobs in the West Midlands and beyond. 

What our recent graduates said about the Careers+ graduate support they received...

BCU Careers+ helped me a lot, you helped me get over feeling scared and anxious. I came with no confidence at all and you helped me get a job at BCU" - Computing & Information Technology graduate, who secured a role as a Graduate IT Technican at BCU

The support I have received has been absolutely brilliant! Zalika is always there to support me with interview preparation and informing me on actions to take regarding job applications and interviews. She is also extremely helpful sending job vacancies that are suitable for me. She has taught me to always do what is going to make me happy and not settle for anything less. Children & Integrated Professional Care graduate, who secured a role with Action for Children an Community Engagement Officer

Careers+ has been extremely helpful and supportive for not only providing me with necessary resources to help with interview preparation, CV tips, and general career support, but they have also kept me motivated to find work throughout the current pandemic. By continuing to send job vacancy updates and checking in on me through LinkedIn, I have been able to motivate myself to continue searching for work and eventually finding a charity-based role that I am very happy with" - Media & Communications graduate, now working as an Envision Coach

My Careers+ Graduate Employability Advisor has supported me in many ways, namely 1) has given me a few technical pieces of advice on how to connect with other BCU graduates on LinkedIn who secured the jobs I am interested in, 2) has taken my request on board and found many Architectural Technology related jobs for me to apply for, 3) helped me with my job application by checking the content, grammar and syntax, and finally 4) scheduled the mock interview with me which guided me in the right direction which meant I start my new job on Monday " - Architectural Technology graduate, who has secured a job as a Graduate Planning Officer for Birmingham City Council

My Careers+ advisor gave me a wide range of practice questions to answer which was very helpful as it gave me good experience and knowledge of the possible questions companies would ask in interviews. It was great to have feedback during the interview practice as I then knew how I did with my answers - Media Production graduate, now working as a Production Co-Ordinator at Sunset & Vine

I’ve been supported in preparing for two graduate jobs, both of which I was fortunate enough to receive offers for. Being able to do a practise interview was incredibly helpful and made me much more comfortable once the real interviews came around" - Digital Media Computing graduate, who secured work as a Global Web Forms Co-Ordinator at ITG

My Advisor has helped me massively by supporting and guiding me towards creating a top-quality CV as well as a cover letter for me to apply to plenty of graduate role jobs. Furthermore, they have flooded my mailbox with many graduate roles to apply for which was great for me - Quantity Surveying graduate 2020, who secured a role as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor at VINCI

The Careers+ graduate team has supported me with editing my CV and useful tips for when applying for jobs. I also received support with interview preparation. Such as: potential questions to ask during an interview (to gain more of an insight into the role/organisation). From the support I received, I felt more comfortable during the application process and secured a new role - Law graduate, who secured a role as an Administration Assistant for BCU Careers+

and gave their advice for gaining a great graduate job (quickly)...

I would recommend they apply to placements or internships and volunteer even it means working for free, that way you will be able to get work experience and understand the job market better, also you will be able to showcase your talents and learn and develop further - Quantity Surveyor graduate 2020, who secured a job as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Balfour Beatty plc.

One of the most significant things I would recommend is to start looking for jobs a few months before graduating. I found that many openings became available during the few months before June as many companies, including the NHS look for graduates with fresh knowledge. I managed to find myself a Laboratory Technician role within the NHS through LinkedIn, however keeping an eye on Indeed and tracjobs is also a good idea. In regards to succeeding in applications processes and interviews, I would say to read the personal specification attached to the advertised jobs and pick out words and skills you know you can incorporate into the application. Using these trigger words shows that you have given thought into the job itself, giving yourself a higher chance of succeeding in the interview process. Most of all you need to be confident and utilise the support of the careers+ team who will support you throughout the application process and beyond - MSc Biomedical graduate, who secured a role as a Medical Laboratory Technician at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust

My one tip to a graduate seeking a graduate role is to be open in what you look for and don’t just look at one specific job role. Opening yourself to more job roles, will give you lots more opportunities and having added experience will make you more appealing to businesses and open more doors for yourself - Business Management graduate, who secured a role on the Nationwide Building Society graduate programme

Use all the resources available to you through the university and the employability team. Work on your CV and Cover letter until you feel like you’ve perfected it! Seek advice from the Career+ team to help check over theses to make sure your they match the Job specification. Don’t give up, keep going apply to as many jobs as you can consistency and persistence pays off. Network as much as you can make sure your following companies you are applying to and also companies you’d love to work for in the future. Don’t forget to update and change your CV and cover letter every time you make a new job application - Garment Technology graduate, now working as a Junior Garment Technologist at HOODRICHUK

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence This is a huge factor because without confidence, the anxiety and pressure will chase you and make you fail interviews. Just be yourself and smash interviews and practice the questions before hand as well as know what you’re talking about. Before answering an interview questions, take 10 seconds to think about what you are going to say - Computer Information Technology graduate, who secured a position as an Graduate IT Technician at BCU

Start looking/thinking about what work you want way before graduating. This is a highly saturated industry and it can take a long time to develop the skills required for your desired job  get practicing and talk to people already working in your desired position and ask for advice on what to learn or how to navigate yourself when looking for work - Sound Engineering Production graduate, who secured work with Premier Audio and now works as a Freelance Audio Engineer

Tailor you CV’s specific to each role. Although it is time consuming you are more likely to reach their requirements and receive a response whether it’s good or bad - Interior Architecture & Design graduate, now employed as an Assistant Designer at John Evans Interior Architecture & Design

My one tip to a graduate seeking a graduate role is to be open in what you look for and don’t just look at one specific job role. Opening yourself to more job roles, will give you lots more opportunities and having added experience will make you more appealing to businesses and open more doors for yourself - Business Management graduate, secured a position on the Corporate Graduate Scheme with Nationwide

Always apply for the jobs and never give up. You may not be the right candidate for the job that you are applying for and that should never make you to stop keeping applying. Rejection is part of the process. It is not the end of your story. Keep going - Mechanical Engineering graduate, now employed as a Field Engineer at ICE

I would recommend signing up to as many online job boards as you can to maximise your chances (e.g Indeed, Totaljobs). Speak to both your universities careers team and course lecturers as this will help you to tailor your CV to your specific discipline. Finally, and most importantly, don’t give up!- Architectural Technology graduate, who works at Blue Thorn Technology Ltd as a CAD Technician 

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