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What to expect

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3:04pm 26 Nov 2018
Information on what to expect when attending a Careers+ appointment or drop-in.

What can I expect from my Careers+ appointment?

You will meet with a qualified and experienced careers, employment or placement specialist. We are able to offer you:

  • Career Consultant appointments - We can help you explore all your options, plan for your future and make good career decisions
  • Graduate Employment Advisors - We can help you find, apply and secure graduate opportunities
  • Placement Employability Advisors - We can help you find, apply and secure placements, internships, work experience and volunteering opportunities

We will support you with the following:

  • Career options and planning 
  • Job search
  • Work experience, placements and internships
  • CV's, cover letters and applications
  • Interviews and assessment centres
  • Networking
  • Self employment and entrepreneurship
  • Professional mentoring
  • Master's and further study

We operate a student-centred service, which means that the appointment will focus on what is important to you – your questions, priorities and needs. You will be treated with respect and receive a friendly, professional service. The information, advice and guidance provided will be impartial and up-to-date. Your information will be treated confidentially within the university data protection procedures. We may refer you to other sources of information, specialist services and organisations if appropriate.

Your appointment will last up to 30 minutes, and a follow up appointment can be arranged if required.

Getting the most out of your Careers+ appointment:

It is helpful to think about what you want to get out of your appointment before you arrive and write down any questions beforehand so you are prepared, making the most of your time.

If you would like your CV or job application checked then please ensure that this is up-to-date and bring a copy with you.

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