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Graduate Schemes

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9:55am 11 Nov 2021

In the world of graduate jobs you will often hear talk of Graduate Schemes, but what are these exactly and how do they differ to other graduate opportunities?

It is important to know the difference as this can have a significant impact on when you start applying for a graduate job and your awareness of the variety of opportunities out there, as well as identifying what you are best suited to. Graduate Schemes:

  • Are offered by medium to large employers
  • Are graduate recruitment programmes with multiple graduate vacancies
  • Consist of structured programmes with formal and on the job training provided over a specific period of time (normally 1-2 years)
  • Can attract large numbers of applications so it is a very competitive process
  • Are advertised from September / October of your final year
  • Have a set recruitment process consisting of a number of stages and these often include psychometric tests and assessment centres
  • Generally offer a good level of remuneration (fair pay and benefits)
  • Have set start dates between June and September each year
  • Can often involve rotating around different business areas during your training period to get an insight into how the organisation works and to help you decide what to specialise in at the end of your training.
  • Can sometimes require you to work in different locations during different parts of your training.

A graduate scheme could be a good option if you want:

  • A structured training programme over a fixed period of time
  • To work for a fairly big organisation
  • To start at the same time as other new graduates
  • The opportunity to work with other new graduates
  • To secure some certainty during your final year

Graduate Schemes - Further information
Below is a list of just some of the Graduate Schemes available as well as some links to further information.

If you

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