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Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (Self Employment)

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (Self Employment)

Birmingham City University proudly supports enterprise and entrepreneurship for our students, graduates, and the wider community.

Located on the first floor of STEAMhouse, The Hatchery is a dedicated facility for students and graduates to develop their enterprise and entrepreneurship skills, offering valuable space, enlightening workshops, exciting programmes and long-term support.

We have an exciting schedule of events and programmes to help you to develop your enterprise skills and support the launch of your own start-up. Please explore these pages to discover more.

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Why get involved?

• Learn from practical and inspiring events

• Gain enterprise skills for business, to set-up your own venture or to use in your chosen career

• Connect with like-minded students and graduates

• Start a business with our start-up programmes STEAM Hatchery ( and BSEEN (


Interested in finding out more about The Hatchery space? Contact

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