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10:55am 26 Nov 2018
How to contact us online to ask a question or get a document checked.

If you have a careers question that you would like to ask the Careers+ team, the quickest and fastest way to get a response is to email your dedicated Careers+ faculty team directly. They are able to support you in the following areas:

  • Career options and planning 
  • Jo search
  • Work experience, placements and internships
  • CV's, cover letters and applications
  • Interviews and assessment centres
  • Networking
  • Self employment and entrepreneurship
  • Professional mentoring
  • Master's and further study

Please remember to attach any documents, such as your CV, cover letter or application for us to check and we will respond to you within two working days.

  • Arts, Design and Media Faculty (ADM) Team -
  • Business, Law and Social Sciences Faculty (BLSS) Team -
  • Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment Faculty (CEBE) Team -
  • Health, Education and Life Sciences Faculty (HELS) Team -
  • Centralised Careers+ team – - For any graduate who completed their degree course prior to May 2018.
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